Peggy Reubens, LCSW
Integrative EMDR Trauma Psychotherapist
All sessions on Zoom

upper west side psychotherapist I treat a diverse clientele with diverse issues. My work with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and performance anxieties  is  based on, but not limited to, my relational psychoanalytic training.

I also particularly enjoy, and have been very successful with, treating couples, using  attachment theory and systems approaches. 

In addition I have a specialty in treating and educating about trauma. Since the early 1980’s, I have worked with incest survivors and adult-onset PTSD.

In addition to talk therapy, I use several other modalities. These  reach the non-verbal parts of the nervous system where trauma symptoms, and other difficulties, often are lodged.

I use EMDR  to reduce the power of traumatic  imagery, sensations, and beliefs -  and   Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,  a non-touch technique which  releases disturbances held in our bodies due to chronic developmental, or later, traumatic events . These techniques work well together –or as  adjuncts to a primary treatment.

At the National Institute for the Psychotherapies Training Institute, I  teach in the  Trauma Certificate Program, and serve on the Trauma  Program’s Executive Committee.  I founded our Trauma/EMDR Treatment Service in 2003.

White Plains, NY 10605 - Telephone: 212-873-5146